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The 3-Legged Stool Certification

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Certification Overview

Created from his own seven-year battle with debilitating illnesses, the 3-Legged Stool Certification is a unique and comprehensive program created by Dr. Dan Pompa to help frustrated health practitioners and health coaches get to the root cause of chronic illnesses.

The 3-Legged Stool consists of the following Certification modules: 

Ancient Healing to correct the microbiome

The 5 R's to enhance good gene expression

True Cellular Detox to eliminate hidden stressors

Armed with each module, practitioners are equipped to go deep enough into the body to identify the true root cause of chronic illness and then remove the source rather than uselessly treat multiple symptoms with medications and/or supplements.

Mastering the subject matters means ending suffering for thousands. Dr. Pompa's protocols are responsible for healing hundreds of thousands of chronically ill people around the globe.

We are dealing with toxins at a level never before seen in human history and the old paradigms of diagnosis and treatment are outdated and useless. 


3-Legged Stool Certification 

  • 3 Main modules focused on the 3-legged stool
  • Over 20+ educational videos 
  • Lectures to support each section of the modules
  • One-on-one coaching after each module from a Success Coach 
  • Access to the Cellular Solutions practitioner supplement line by Dr. Pompa

If you have further questions, please book a call with our lead success coach Sonya:

What is included

Fix The Cell to Get Well

We believe in finding the root cause of illness by going upstream to fix the cause.

-Dr. Pompa